Baby Girl Stack FL8820

Baby Girl Stack

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Sombras ultra mattes intensamente pigmentadas da marca Melt cosmetics

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Sombras  intensamente pigmentadas da marca Melt cosmetics

Esta pilha de sombras que se conecta por uma imã, contém 5 cores:

Hopeless Romantix - A beaming duo chrome with a yellow gold to hot pink shift. You can use this versatile shade all over, as an eyeshadow or a popping highlight!

Scammin' - This Ultra-Matte eyeshadow is the perfect hot coral transition shade for this stack and can also be blended all over the lid for vivid smoke.

Main Squeeze - A striking red orange hue in our signature Ultra-Matte Formula.

Crush - A luxurious foiled rustic terracotta eyeshadow. Use it as an accent or blend it all over the lid.

Break Up - Add some depth to your eye look with this highly saturated burnt umber shade.

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