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Independentemente de quais tons você use, esta coleção de pincéis deve ser feita para que você possa misturá-la do seu jeito. Você matiza, Morphe Babe. Deixe sua criatividade voar alto.

  1. M513 Round Blender Brush (Natural): This full, fluffy blending brush buffs color into the crease for a diffused wash of color with no harsh lines.
  2. M507 Pointed Mini Blender Brush (Natural): This slim brush tapers to a fine point for a light, wispy application of color. It can be used to blend out harsh edges or deposit small amounts of color in targeted areas.
  3. M222 Round Crease Brush (Natural): Rounded brushes help you to perfect the windshield wiper motions and circular motions essential to perfect blending. This brush is a classic that everyone needs in their kit.
  4. M431 Precision Pencil Crease Brush (Natural): Play a game of magic eye with this natural, pointed brush.
  5. M326 Pro Precision Smudger Brush (Natural & Synthetic): A tiny, detailed brush that places color just where you want it. Perfect for smudging color along the lower lash line. 
  6. M167 Oval Shadow Brush (Natural): This flat, oval shader brush has natural bristles to grab your powder shadows and just enough firmness to pack color onto the lids for maximum pigmentation.
  7. M158 Angle/Liner Spoolie Brush (Synthetic): This double-ended brush makes the perfect power couple for your fiercest eyes yet.
  8. Custom Case

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